Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The word Devastate. (blog 108)

I would like to show those in men's rights groups the meaning of the word "Devastate", most are already familiar with the term and probably could elaborate much better than I the true meaning of it having suffered it themselves by way of divorce, unable to see their children, villainized by others to their children, those that suffer through false allegations and (although I'm sure the list isn't  finalized) The victim of being treated as an endless cash machine by those you used to care for, those being used by those you still care for through say the ex and my favorite. The Richly dressed, wide vocabulary of deceit that pretends to act on your behalf as long as the Benjamins hold out.

verb dev·as·tate \ˈde-və-ˌstāt\
: to destroy much or most of (something) : to cause great damage or harm to (something)

: to cause (someone) to feel extreme emotional pain

Full Definition of DEVASTATE

transitive verb
:  to bring to ruin or desolation by violent action <a country devastated by war>

:  to reduce to chaos, disorder, or helplessness :  overwhelm <devastatedby grief> <her wisecrack devastated the class>
— dev·as·tat·ing·ly \-ˌstā-tiŋ-lē\ adverb
— dev·as·ta·tion \ˌde-və-ˈstā-shən\ noun
— dev·as·tat·ive \ˈde-və-ˌstā-tiv\ adjective
— dev·as·ta·tor \-ˌstā-tər\ noun

Examples of DEVASTATE

The flood devastated the town.
The disease has devastated the area's oak tree population.
The hurricane left the island completely devastated.

Latin devastatus, past participle of devastare, from de- + vastare to lay waste — more at waste
First Known Use: 1638

Related to DEVASTATE
Synonymsdestroy, ravage, ruin, scourgeAntonymsbuild, construct, erect, put up, raise, rear, set up

Those are some serious descriptive words there "DESTROY,RAVAGE,RUIN, SCOURGE And WASTE. Backed up with Antonyms  such as "BUILD, CONSTRUCT, ERECT, PUT UP, RAISE, REAR, SET UP" All tactics used against its victim to go against underhandedly. Such as one very well will face in Divorce court, Custody hearings, Child payment offices and those falsely accused by and through or aided by the Judicial system.
Hurricanes and Tornados, Floods are devastating and they cost billions and even trillions of dollars. People run with their wallets open, the various governments pledge untold dollars. To rebuild in the exact same area that the disaster hit yet only for it to hit again years later.
So if we use the monetary term of millions, billions and trillions to justify the existence of what it means to be declared a disaster.Then surely the divorce business of an annual 33.3 billion is a disaster!( according to American statistics).https://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=4&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CDQQFjADahUKEwiax-b56ILGAhUWmIgKHXt7AGI&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.vancouversun.com%2Flife%2FChild%2Bprotection%2Beats%2Bmillion%2Byearly%2F9157800%2Fstory.html&ei=1vd2VZqEMpawogT79oGQBg&usg=AFQjCNHQeTZZKSfJdTWfRPboxvIsq9OMjw&sig2=Ubtvlfw29ZiWxW1c3IIlRQ&bvm=bv.95277229,d.cGU  This is one province in Canada, the cost of child protective services 500 million! Imagine if we had and added the numbers together for just little old Canada with a total population of about 35 million people....I would say we have a disaster on our hands.
Annually 3'500 people commit suicide in Canada, for every 1 woman there are 4 men or a 4 to 1 ratio....I would say that is a disaster. America boasts nearly 50'000 suicides every year and they only started counting in 1981 so roughly that's a couple million people 4 to 1 ratio for men. A fucking DISASTER!

Yet it blows me away that when these DISASTERS happen and cost the tune of trillions of dollars every year that for these groups there is ZERO monies, ZERO relief, ZERO Red Cross or any other DISASTER relief committee or volunteer. There is no rebuilding, no steady supply of food, clothing and or furniture, no rebuilding of homes, no endless countless hours of free grief and emotional trauma support or counselling.
 A guys conviction gets overturned "hey beat it".! Someone lies about another and falsely accuses the "hey beat it". You're the father of the children, well we award custody to the mother "hey beat it" There is no groups that say "oh so the mother is a drunk, violent to your children, maybe an issue with drugs?....you can't afford to house and take care of them alone? "well lets build you a house, and say we will pay off that mortgage, throw in a couple college education tuitions,  here is a free mini van DAD. We don't even have a shelter  comparative to the billions spent on women who claim abuse every year, they needn't even prove it, just say it and the wheelbarrows of money comes running forth complete with free makeovers, tuitions, homes, clothing, free vehicles subsidies up the ass.

So why is this? why is this happening? Let it stand your own test of reason and make a change however you can. It needs to become political because it is political already but people need to give a shit. Else in the end we are what we are designed to be, and that is disposable razors who occasionally donate sperm to further the slave population ready to be ready at the call like a good doggie to fight any war we are called to. I'm not attempting to disrespect MRA's, quite the opposite. I would like to see us actually join forces collectively and become political. Burning bras worked for the women....Hell maybe we need to go on strike and burn some skivvies.( or underwear).
Hope you're amused.