Wednesday, 10 June 2015

5 days to go...........( blog 110)

Its 5:00 am, horrible sleep.I've been up since 4. Today I work again for free when I myself cannot afford to live. Going to shingle the roof for the old couple that had their home destroyed in a flood.

Whereas my sleep was rough with torment at that which I might very well face in 5 days, it feels good to help those that need help. I think of my Grandparents every time I do help. The other day was pretty cool as they came out for group pictures for the historical sites. They brought us donuts and coffee. Not that I needed another donut but hey who can resist them right? LOL. We also planted a tree on behalf of another volunteer that passed away, symbolic for sure. Was told a story about how at the last people had to fight to get the man's gloves on because of disease, old life and still yet he never gave up, spent his life acquiring money, to spend his retirement giving it away for good causes. Most noble if you ask me.
we then spoke of others that have come and gone, ones like this one gentleman who made millions,built things like buildings all his life and never told anyone why. His kids are well taken care of but he gave away all the buildings to needy organizations. We all agreed the most noble way would be to die at work, hands busy , heart right.

Clearly prison is on my mind and in my groanings at night where they say the soul makes intercessions on your behalf to God when you cannot. Used to be religious but all faith I had I used to make intercessions for my grandboys. Still will never take that back.
The next few days I will write a little something,hell whatever I want as I await my day, it's my blog and people don't have to read it.,d.cGU
Two of these young ladies are extended family, well proud of them as they are examples of fine Human beings. They have donated their life to helping those in need around the world as a job. There Husband are equally as gracious but furthered it to run their own business endlessly in hours to give their own families very good homes and to be well looked after. Their own retirement is to now serve others. It has been an honor to be reacquainted with them and definite roll models for communities.
 Couple photo's for you of my own work.

High peak house, so I decided to make it a bedroom:))