Thursday, 18 June 2015

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."(blog 118)

It has been several years now of what I deemed to be torment. Faced with 'allegations' that had for the most part become factual, even after they were proven wrong still they never ceased in their endless pursuit to cover up that which they did, hide its existence as if it never happened they have kept a man in a suspension of misery, hysteria and distress by default.
 I chose to step out and become extraordinary to the point,with intent to shed light on a problem that is far bigger than the bubble I reside in. It is hard to fight a mammoth with little more than a slingshot and even if you were to get in that one lucky shot, the aha moment, someone pays attention it quickly dissipates as the moment magically arose. The moment of clarity irrefutable gets whisked away by that which is relatively unimportant. Minimizing and minoritizing that which you had good point on.
 When I began to undertake this blog, I did so with Human rights in mind, gender has come up but I assure you they end goal was to effectuate change on a positive scale that would be beneficial to all genders, races and groups.
As a society we ignored a problem that was caused against women for far too long, to deny this fact is equal to denying that America was predominantly slave traders. The end result is the complete opposite side of the spectrum and that another gender is attacked with ferocity and so cleverly ingrained into our general society that we are ineffectually unaware of its actual harmful existence. Thoroughly indoctrinated adults rear children and indoctrinate unbeknownst even to them own selves nor more different then telling the lie about Santa, Ester bunny, toothfairy with little or no regard of just how the little person feels when they find out that those they have no reason to lie to them, cared a reared them have actually lied with little or no explanation. Thus begins the betrayal and we are just supposed to accept it, indoctrinated in the ideology that we must never lie, unless it furthers the agenda of the greater mass.
We have become a society that cannot reason for themselves but are told what to think, we have been actually taught that unless otherwise directed,you cannot possibly understand . We create monstrous groups that control everything we eat by damn bear everything being packaged. These same groups such as big corporations, government, military run and rule us with iron will and those that dare to speak out become a label,like a cop hater, against the government, extremist activist.
 They will tell us to our face "yes we are robbing you blind, yes we waste billions and trillions but trust us, it is needed and we the sheeple walk away satisfied that we just received a fulfilling adequate answer. So thoroughly indoctrinated we are that even if we disagree, or think to the contrary it is much easier to just chalk it up to "we aren't simply smart enough or moral enough to understand, comprehend.
My particular fight has been false allegations and the multi billion dollar monstrous divorce machine. where by in large thousands of men are found guilty , or traversed through the endless money driven empire that is the justice system. Men pay highly disproportionately rates of child care and never get to see their children. Other men assume their clothing and possessions and even end up being called dad. while the man lives in a room of squalor, paying more then he can afford. His life has just been determined by that very act, his worth is that check and without it he simply needed further to exist.
Men falsely accused by women get away with it even if they admit it of their own accord, such as the endless crime that women can commit, and without much proof at all just blame it on a male.

One of the most difficult things I have ever attempted to understand is Circumcision. Take for example a young girl being born, say she has too fathers for argument sake. The one Father says "I want her circumcised, Without it her genitalia will be ugly. This would cause a catastrophe in the hospital because first we have laws regarding that and deem it to be sexual mutilation , the fathers would probably beat the crap outta each other and the Doctor himself would become part of the melle. As men this is something that we do NOT consider or allow, we have passed laws to protect young girls from such barbaric activities.
Consider a young couple both male and female, young baby boy born unto them. their hope and future. The Father doesn't get to talk about the case to circumcise or not in fact by in large it is the womans choice for reason among to many I have heard " later in life his partner will find it ugly"
Does anyone see the irony in that? A mother future forecasting the image and heath of the sons genitalia! In my mind it is perverted as it would be for men to discuss such a thing.. Does that strike you as a Patriotic world of Matriarchal world?

I am in effectually done with men's right, I know will fight for myself. Indoctrinate my kids and Grandkids in HUMAN rights. My blog has been under the scrutiny of those I wished not to attract and to day I got a dose of reality, while my blog may be entertaining for some, I have made little impact And For simply telling the truth, backed by actual paperwork I personally risk further trouble from those that would like to keep that which they do a secrete and rather then deal with the machine ,they further it because it lines their pockets. I could go on but it ids simply pointless.
No matter what I say or do, becomes too sensitive and the slave cannot discuss that or expose that. I will undoubtedly see some of you on the other side where bullshit does not remain supreme.
The audacity of mankind is that they are so consumed and indoctrinated that they fail to see the truth, life and the goodness it can hold while we support those hell bend on villainizing and destroying every good thing we know. Don't by what I'm laying down? talk amongst your friends, turn on the t.v or the control box and all you'll see is 'you can't guess what I got in this hand( and honestly I don't want you too know)....but wow,look at what is in this hand!
Think what I had to say is bullshit? why did you read to the end?
 Catch you on the flip side, I Urge you to remember, that which we do in this life echoes in the next. Keep up the shit and you just might be that bug that gets squashed.