Thursday, 11 June 2015

3 Days to go...changing the face of a skyline. (Blog 112)

The last year and a half I have been involved in several projects. Considering I only drilled oil wells , it was apparent that my knowledge of carpentry and concrete have helped me out considerable.
The following 3 project I was involved in and as a supervisor. Good jobs and I was very happy. To myself I had a sense of pride changing the skyline of the city I sought refuge in. 2 of the 3 jobs I lost to the fact of my let's say  exposure to the internet. For example, Google my name and things come up. Not very proud of that but I needed to stand my ground and speak out about what went on with my life and the abuse of the system.
I guess what I'm getting at is that I'm not some dumb whining slob, mopping around a computer. No I have been a go getter and for the most part it has been well but the past comes back to haunt you, even though it is false.
2 of these jobs I lost directly because of my conditions under bail, of course the internet probably hasn't helped either. Each of these jobs were long term, each with enormous potential for growth within a company.
The first:
I helped , supervised the building of tower 1 one the left, the mid rise on the back and the condo's on the front. Also helped poor the footing for tower 2, biggest pour I've ever seen, we guestimate it was over 3 million pounds of concrete in 16 plus hours .A week in court took care of that. Still proud though.

The new Dance studio. My office was the last black C can on the left of the screen. Thought I had a second chance but the courts helped out with that.

This was the 3rd. I managed to complete the concrete portion of the building and it is still currently under construction ,accept the rest is in steel and only union touches the steel. The last Day before my last scheduled court appearance for the verdict ,I got into some very serious trouble from my boss because I needed a day  to go to court. Of course learning from the past and even though I disliked it I did lie and say it was a "doctor's appointment. He was furious and spoke about deadlines and he needs those he can depend on. At lunch I turned on my phone and found out the judge was requesting it to be put off another month, relieved I told my boss but he kept that sour taste in his mouth for me and the day the concrete was done , so was I. Laid off without any excuse. I wonder if the judge knows what its like for myself. He knew he was ill for a week yet couldn't tell anyone until the morning before. Well at least his paychecks keep coming in right.
 The little brown building to the left is where the ex premier of Alberta used to drink as such it is becoming a historical site and renovated.I have never heard of them keeping an old crappy bar while they are spending billions around it.

I am showing you these things this next couple of days to let you know that I am a person, not a lazy bot slamming out bullshit blogs. False accusations hurt and can last a life time. When I do get some quiet time alone I like to drift off and wonder had it all not have gone on these last 4 years would somehow I have come into my own. Maybe, maybe not but I also think about if I was just left alone, afforded my constitutional right to move forward unfettered what could be. Tomorrow I'll go do some menial task for a few bucks and know, I have 3 days to go.