Monday, 28 April 2014

Recording 4. (blog 57)

This is another recording with government lawyer. After my trial for being falsely accused of sex assault, the dropping of other bogus charges that were laid by the crown in an effort to discredit myself. They then actually went as far as to attack me, not informing me that they were police, broke and entered my home, illegally detained and arrested me and then destroyed everything in my home!. For this I was charged with assault against police and after my trial like I've said where I was given a forced acquittal my lawyer then attempted to force me to plead guilty or else she would quit, highly unethical, and illegal as well as un constitutional. these recordings were made in desperation to prove this, what they were doing. Days later she quit as promised and I complained to the law society and she flatly denied doing such a thing. I suppose next I should release those recordings.