Thursday, 10 April 2014

Back injury not dealt with. (blog 53)

Under my medical file dated the day I was arrested, it states that i couldn't even lift more then 20 pounds which in itself  really puts her whole story in jeopardy. Additionally as previously stated, the RCMP even made special note of my back injury and were questioned about this at the "voir dior" hearing the day before the trial began, what wasn't discussed is on that day they removed my full back harness that I had to wear due to the L5S1 disk being herniated , I was scheduled for an MRI but that never took place. Being incarcerated, the last thing they care about ids you well being  and thus I never received any medical attention.
I have had to endure the pain as I went along, part of life at the time. But as I said there is much rebuilding and things to face and accomplish after being fully acquitted. Lately while renewing safety tickets I have been trying to work to supplement the pathetic monthly payment of 800.00 they give me just to survive. The last three weeks my back has flared up so bad that I actually cannot sleep at night due to my arms and left leg going numb, sitting, driving and work are excruciating. I have sought out medical help and now have to take blood tests, MRI and x rays to find out what up. It could be possible that i may have to undergo surgery to repair it . In time I will know for sure but I am quite dismayed that not only was it not enough to publicly destroy me, financially destroy me but then to possibly leave me in a state where I am more then willing to rebuild by work, I may have to face the possibility that could be impossible. I write this with a heavy heart, hands thrown in the air because if this does transpire I do believe I will have reached my max as to what I can endure. you can review the medical file under " medical file blog"
I've always prided myself on my work ethic and frankly weather getting paid or not it has help me relieve stress, rebuild confidence, as some how do a certain amount of healing, to have purpose. If I lose this I do believe I lose it all and for the first time I contemplate that these crooked and dirty bastards have won.