Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Back injury update. (blog 56)

The day I was arrested, they all knew I had i serious back injury. I was scheduled for an MRI. That very day I couldn't lift more then 20 lbs. The police took off my back harness. At my trial, they readily admitted to all of this and stated that they knew I had a back injury. They also admitted to leaving me in cuffs for hours, even stating that " he was in excruciating pain", well first they denied knowledge of it and then changed their story to that they knew when my attorney reminded them of their very own statements in their reports. "they also acknowledge that I was actually in tears from the pain"
That all being said, I'm now working again and I've had my back flare up again to the point that both arms go numb from my shoulders to my finger tips. You see, the very day I was accused I was at the doctor and after I was arrested they took off my back harness. In the medical report signed and dated by my doctor he states that they will schedule an MRI to determine the extent of the injury and if in fact that surgery might be a probability or not to fix the herniated disks.  Since being arrested , they could care nothing about my back injury and I have received absolutely no medical attention. And now it has gotten to the point that I am now getting medical attention and in but a few days I will find out to what extent the injury is, whether or not I may have to go for surgery to repair it. I have had to endure pain for three years now, pain meds just don't help and I worry about becoming addicted to them so I use them only in the roughest moments.
I often wonder if I had a false leg if they would have taken that too. I also wonder why they can lie to judges and then change their story and yet nothing happens to them.
I look back on that day and not only do I remember the torture treatment but remember a certain officer stating to me in my own house as he pushed off his pointed finger into my forehead " I ought to shoot you right in the fucking head"! The extreme abuses in my case are staggering, as are all those in law enforcement caught lying, changing stories, abuse of power, running over my constitutional rights, destroying evidence and finally my accuser comes clean and they shut her up and force an acquittal having never heard one single word of evidence from the defence other then the introduction of the weather report that was all to important and forced my accuser to break, and admit to committing perjury that day as well as all kinds of other important days in court.
Its been 7 months since my acquittal, 9 since they dropped other fabricated charges to harm my credibility before trial. I've been left a shattered life that slowly is getting better but none the less its still shattered and yet nothing has happened to any of these crooked cops, lawyers and false accuser, absolutely nothing.
I ask you of those that read my blog. How would you feel if this happened to you? What if police came into your house and threatened to kill you, removed your back brace, left you in cuffs for hours, refusing to let you contact a lawyer four four days, lied, cheated and fabricated stories, evidence, destroy the evidence that clears you and even go as far as to deny the DNA was ever processed (yet we have the reports), how would you feel if you were incarcerated for 9 months, DNA clears you and you get bail but the local jail refuses to follow the courts decision and keeps you an additional 36 days while they torture you. over the coarse of 3 years I've been in and out of jail for their sheer amusement and when that wasn't happening, I was unemployed and on house arrest. Some of you might say well at least its not jail, well you would be wrong. With no one to talk to, no where to go, people bring you food from the food bank and you can't even afford toothpaste. And near daily at times they come into your residence sometimes at two even three a.m and yell at you, demand answers to questions while you stand in nothing but your underwear, you see if I didn't answer the door, it was a breach charge.
So if by the grace of God you got through it all as I did, including a suicide attempt out of sheer grief, wear and tear. You get the answer you knew was coming out in court, you watch all the lies, changed stories, judges ruling people not credible, and hear that they destroyed the evidence that was used to do this to you but yet clears you and you see nothing happen to them for breaking the law they are sworn to up hold....
Would you be like me and some-days feel like blowing your head off?
you see they are still active police officers, free to do this to someone else. My accuser, free having stolen everything I possibly owned, having accused a total of 11 people that I know of and in each case the end was the same, either found lying or admitted.
If you were able to manage to hold on as I have, decide to work hard and earn it all back in time.....now your back might be done and once again its to no personal fault of your own.

more to come

Got all the blood tests back, other then the lack of vitamin D (like every other Canadian) I'm all good . When i was in there i asked him about the back x- rays and he said that they were not in yet due to the long weekend and if there wasn't an issue, he wouldn't call me to come in. Well i got called in! He tells me that my neck is spasming, how they determine this i do not know and then he started a physical examination, discovered that behind one of my knees i have several (exploded ?) veins i believe he said, anyways it looks like a big bruised spider web. whatever it doesn't hurt. He tests my feet for circulation and its very poor, more meds, scheduled trip to a specialist and once again, the back injury will require an MRI but even in Calgary that is a 6 month wait. The question in my mind is....yeah i was supposed to get that MRI and was scheduled for that 3 years ago next month ( as shown in my medical file dated May 21, 2011.) So here i am 3 years later, been going through pain for a documented injury in the work place months in advance of being falsely accused, file updated and seen the very day i was accused , just but hours before that states i couldn't even lift 20lbs and the police strip me of my back harness. Wow, ain't "justice" grand! i suffer for 3 years have to wait for 6 more months and yet i see all these reports of cops going on PTSD leave for extended periods because they are just stressed or maybe got a shot in the doughnut, no doubt for being a goof. Fair ? i think not and it continues to amaze me at the level of depravity in my entire case. I too am diagnosed with PTSD, take upwards of 35 mg of Valium per day , not every day but most when i just can't function and do i get my pay? nope just a big fuck off....here's 802.00 per month.
I've been suggested to focus on the positive things.......yeah right but i guess i can say this. my kidney's from my suicide attempt back in dec 2012 have bounced back to 93 percent functioning, my heart and lungs are healthy as a teenager.....so good news ya crooked ass cops, judges and lawyers, I'll be able to fight back yet for quite some time. Cheers
more to come.
i have finally been scheduled for the MRI that was supposed to have taken place over 3 years ago but the government refused me treatment. I will be very interested to find if it has healed fully, or in the wrong way which is why i am still in constant pain. The MRI is in October and i'll let you know the results and post the images.