Thursday, 10 April 2014

Crooked cops. (blog54)

Where this man wasn't personally involved in my case, he does reflect that certain attitude the many RCMP in my case have and have proven to have had in the future , thus the caption. Police are often believed without question and it is an issue that I believe isn't being properly dealt with.
For example, this man is now a former RCMP corporal. but before he was forced out he managed to greet and kill by way of taster to a polish immigrant at the international airport and before that matter could be concluded he was at a Halloween house party with his children, admits to drinking at least 6 beers, then piles his own children in the car, and on the way home hits and kills a motor cyclist, fails to give first aid his priority is to leave the scene to go home with his kids, consume more vodka as he learnt at the RCMP to cover how much he actually drank. Ultimately he wasn't charged for drunk driving, failure to remain at an accident, failing to give first aid to the 20 plus years old man bleeding to death on the side of the highway....but he was charged with committing perjury and found guilty for covering up his level of intoxication.....yet never did a day in jail ! talk about a two tiered society. In the end, he has taken two souls and will never have to answer for them. The crooked cops in my case, they just transferred them out to different detachments, absolutely no punishment. Good luck to you who have the miss fortune of ever running into them. After all, the lead investigator in my case said he was a cop for six years, asked if he ever been brought up for abuse of power in front of a review board, his comment was "which one?' my attorney asks him to enlighten the courts, in his enlightenment he talks about three, not including ME now, that's nuts