Friday, 27 February 2015

Someone recently asked me "My god, when will this be over".(blog 87)

Not sure when. Thought it would have long ago like when we did what is called an "Askov hearing" which relates to delay of trial as the trial proper should have been finalized in max 12 months as one has the "right to a speedy trial" but the judge bought into the crowns lies that it "is an extremely complex trial, with many police officers to schedule to testify among other things.
The judge ruled that despite I being diagnosed with P.T.S.D because of it all, the trial must go on and be concluded in the allotted three days scheduled for the matter. He then asked both the defense and crown lawyers if 3 days was enough because if more time is needed then he wants to know. They both readily agreed that yes it was enough time.
Trial proper went 4 days and then they took an over 3 month recess. On Thursday the last witness was to be called 'the CBC video camera man', and he was. The reason he was called was because ALL the police lie and say that "none of them ever seen a cameraman" and they said so under oath. Well the camera man has now testified "that in fact he was always 6 to 7 feet away from police" Pretty hard to miss someone that close with a shoulder held video camera wouldn't you say?" He goes on to say that there is MUCH more video evidence other then the 10 seconds they gave us, its the property of the CBC, else it has been destroyed." The police say this because they failed to do a proper investigation and cease or get a copy of the video as part of a proper investigation. Incidentally, I lived above a grocery store which had literally dozens of video cameras that could have caught most of the events on video. In the hallways and entrances are near another dozen video cameras, yet they ( the police ) ALL claim that they " seen no video cameras" Which is yet another lie and I not only photographed all the cameras myself and they were introduced into evidence but I also know that police were aware of the cameras as they have requested footage from the owner before for video evidence in none related issues with law and courts against others. This is now day 5 of trial proper concluding with my lawyer arguing that my constitutional rights were egregiously violated and one example of that is that Staff sergeant S, Carter had threatened to kill me as he had admitted to being angry and stating such a thing under oath. They Have now recessed and the judge has stated that "trial proper will resume on April 12, 2015, where he will render his decision on the judicial stay and any other matters should it go past there. So what was argued as a delay of trial in November has in fact carried out until may 12,2015, which is what? A little over 5 months more. Seem legitimate to you?

So when will it be over? well lets see. I thought it would be when my constitutional right to a speedy trial was violated. I thought it would have been when they ALL admitted to 'not taking a single witness statement' despite that being a part of their protocol in an investigation. After all . they also admit under oath to "evacuating dozens of witnesses" or " when I was set to guard the door awaiting a warrant, a witness came to talk to me and I sent them away" ( taking no name or notes) I thought it would be over after it was established they had no reason to be there in the first place or when they decided to kick down my door for no reason, forcing me to defend my home and property. I thought it would be over when 1 of 2 cops who took me into custody stated under oath "the vehicle did stop on the way to the station in a seclude area, my partner had "a chat" with Mr Harms, being the passenger, I said nothing to Harms and yet I cannot recall what was said or done".Equally, I thought it would be over when her partner takes the stand and states " I was driving , how could I talk to Harms and why would I?, No the vehicle never made any stops" When it was put to him that "is it possible that we have information that the vehicle did make an unscheduled stop, what would you say"....he says " anything is possible.

I thought it would be over when I was on the stand and dared the crown to play the 911 tapes for the judge. These are about when I called the police on the police that day after what seemed an eternity of people screaming from the other side of my door while trying to kick it down that " you're a fucking piece of shit" its a moral issue with you", when we come in and believe me we are ,we are gunna fucking kill you"
Words seared into my brain and echo at night, scare the shit out of me and I awake and check the doors, pace a while then return to bed and stare at the ceiling in the dark and ask myself this question too "when will this all be fucking over"
Though it would be over when it turns out they had no warrant, illegally detained me but I guess that isn't enough. Despite the fact I had zero way to know they were cops, didn't announce themselves and in my blog "cops that lie" there is evidence on at least 8 of them, some not available to the public....for doing the same shit. Some are convicted felons, having plead guilty in cases and some even multiple assaults. Did you know that you cannot become a cop if you have a record, yet can remain a cop and even be promoted after being not just convicted but plead guilty? Is this a prison work release program or law enforcement?
Start at the beginning of my blog, see what its been like. I have been under conditions, 24 hour house arrest, imprisoned ( the value of 2 years approx) for over 4 years as of verdict day and I haven't been found guilty of a SINGLE thing. Yet 4 Police officers have already been ruled "not credible", they dropped charges and I had a trial that started it all and was acquitted as a result of a confession the first day of trial by my accuser.
Is this all a game to someone? Is this all because as a citizen I asserted my innocence of the charges, demanded a trial, never kept my mouth closed? Is it because I refused their plead bargains? Why would I plead if I did nothing?
So in the end, I don't know if it is a question of "when will this be all over" but rather how it is in this country that a man is penalized for exercising his constitutional rights fought for by our forefathers, penalized beyond mercy for not taking the plead deals, to plead guilty to something you didn't do. My case isn't popular, therefor it continues. Not handsome enough, popular enough, too plain Joe, hmm not sure what it really is other than the obvious CORRUPTION and in the end the words are fitting "no one is interested in something you didn't do"
Hence the blog overall title "Tortured by the Canadian government"
Pictures That allegedly didn't exist, video camera showing my hallway that was filled with police. My door was the second matt. Note there are no windows on either side of the door, how could I see who it was other than listen to voices shouting obscenities and threatening to kill me.

My ex door, still stands. bend back into shape, you'll notice I had no peephole to see who was at the door.

These next two video cameras point directly where in the second photo I was put into a squad car, later washed down by EMS while (CBC filmed)Because they used so much chemical agents on me.

This is the back door I was taken out of, turning right outside that door about 10 feet past the wall I was posed in front of the camera man and then placed in a car.By the way on the bottom of the balcony on the left side is also a video camera that films the door, alley and parking lot.

These next four are as follows .Where the guy walks is where police entered.

This is one of three cameras that would have caught the evacuation of the building and the arrival of each police officers and the on going of the fire department and EMS.

The other two cameras that allegedly were never seen by police.

To the right of where those three cameras are is this big sign Stating " SURVEILLANCE SHOP, THESE PREMISES ARE UNDER 24 HOURS A DAY SURVEILLANCE"

These are cameras at the front of the store, notice how some point out into the parking lot, front door.

My phone ran dead after an exhausting day in court. So I didn't get the shot but there are equal if not greater amount of cameras pointed from the back of the store to the front. Able to view everything in the parking lot as to how it pertains to who was were ,etc. Key evidence.
So why would police deny the camera man, all the video evidence they did not get copies of as part of a fair investigation? Unless they don't want you to know and see on camera what they did. Why did they not take a single witness statement, even after being approached by some? The thing is, my neighbours and the store owner were very pissed at what the police were doing to me and they stopped at nothing to prevent those voices ever heard.
By the way, the people in the photo's are some of those neighbours and I have their permission, they are quite upset what the police did to me. The reason They didn't testify was because I was barred for quite some time from the property or contacting anyone on it. Evidence was already in and I was assured It wouldn't make a difference by my lawyer. besides it was too late. I was rushed and lucky to be able to get there within my curfew hours, get the photo's and return to the hotel room before curfew , prepare for court the next day.