Sunday, 8 February 2015

A recent letter in the battle for justice. (blog 85)

I have recently wrote this to an attorney, thought I'd share my battle to get justice with you.

I have an appointment with you at your office this coming Thursday. There are a few questions that I would like to talk about and I thought that I would send this to you so that you can have some of those answers for me when we meet so as I do not waste your time.
I have accused the crown and the R.C.M.P of maliciously prosecuting myself and in fact, purposefully hounding myself in order to discredit, block or violate my constitutional rights. It would appear that you differ on this point. Recently I read an article at In this article they state "“The ultimate goal of a Crown prosecutor is to see that the accused is convicted of any charges that are brought against him,” Alberta Justice deputy minister Tim Grant wrote in a July 22, 2014 memo signed on his behalf by deputy attorney general Kim Armstrong. “This, undoubtedly, is not the outcome the accused is hoping for.”

This is what I have been saying was going on in my case and the fact that I had over 5 prosecutors involved in my case for the false accusations is disconcerting as one simply tells me that "The crown up held their obligations, when there was a confession they did the right thing and moved for an acquittal" I beg to differ as Its not that they were somehow duped and once they realized the error they immediately sought to correct it but were rather facing quite a conundrum as the accuser had admitted it was a lie in open court, in front of a jury so the matter could no longer be hidden. In fact I have attempted to obtain a copy of the audio transcripts because I distinctly recall My accuser cutting off the crown in mid sentence stating " I have a confession" and the crown stating "no, its not time for confessions, its time to answer questions" My accuser disregarded Mrs Joyce and openly stated her confession, then began to cry"
My bid to obtain the audio transcripts was turned down and the paper transcripts do not reflect this what I just said. Additionally, neither does the transcripts reflect that the judge immediately called a recess and after the jury was gone, the witness gone he states " I am no longer comfortable with this in my courtroom, we need to either stay the charges, call a mistrial but something needs to happen as I am no longer comfortable with this" The crown then offered up an acquittal. I am accusing the department of justice in its failed investigation for several reasons.

1). Several times the different crowns used underhanded tactics to prolong my stay awaiting bail. Out right lying to the judge, etc as many different judges were involved and several told different things than the others.

2) Constable Folk told to Angel Roberts that she is not to discuss the case with a psychologist ( as she testified) This goes against his job which is to investigate, charge then distance himself , NOT to hinder, alter or persuade the administration of justice or tamper with a witness.

3). There are serious issues with the DNA report, as you stated it is not all there. This is all that I was given by my Legal Aid lawyer so either he screwed up and withheld information or the crown did.

4)The fact that A judge had to order the rest of the DNA to be processed after the chest swabs came back is suspicious in itself as the crowns response was " funny thing happened as reported to myself by the R.C.M.P your honor, The DNA samples in question had appeared to have gone missing for some time and then they have since re appeared as it would seem that they fell behind some other evidence" DO YOU not find this to be disturbing?

5)The R.C.M.P investigation was extremely flawed and several lies perpetuated into more lies to cover the lies, Case in point. Corporeal Dozios states in his field book and general report "I instructed constable Folk to conduct a cautioned statement with Mr Harms, Harms became violent to the point that the interview was to be concluded but not before admitting that he had ripped all her clothes off to teach her a lesson because she is a fucking whore" Meanwhile , constable Folks General report states " I was ordered to conduct a cautioned statement interview with Harms, Harms became agitated to the point that the interview was concluded. Harms refused to answer ANY of the cautioned statement questions, NO STATEMENT OR ANY EVIDENCE WAS GIVEN"

So once again, Dozios was read into court, the crown clearly had Folks yet this didn't jump out at anyone? Yet Dozios statements although provably false, lend credibility to the crowns statements in addressing bail and the need to be remanded into custody and remain there for over 9 months.

6) the testimony of all 4 were deemed not credible by the judge in the voir dire and in fact all of them were allowed to read from their "notes" and yet ALL of their notes are different and we have a copy of them! Why were the notes of them not sealed into evidence, yet read into evidence as fact.

7) I was offered several plead deals and I refused them all, Including the one just before trial where I was offered "plead guilty to common assault and we will go time served"

8)There are serious issues and questions with Constable Folk. We were having much trouble with my accuser and he and I would often talk on the phone about them, the issues with the perverted 21 year old messing around with her. These phone records were never sought even though I instructed my counsel to obtain my home phone records. Constable Folk even offered to take Angel to Edmonton to the morgue to show her a "dead youngster and the effects of drugs" This was so concerning to her mother and I that we avoided his call several times.The phone records would have shown that.

9) After I was charged, in jail and reportedly by Angels God mother who had custody for a period of time. Angel told her mother it was all a lie. Samantha then went to my attorney and wrote him a letter, this letter was sealed into evidence in Edmonton court of queens bench. Among other things said were " my daughter has lied, she has done so on numerous occasions, Joseph does not belong in jail"

10) Once granted bail by madam Justice Viet on December 21, 2011, with no holds or warrants, why was I illegal held for an additional 36 days? where there is photographs of infections, my person, bruising and yet even though I accuse abuse was taking place not even the police will investigate.

11) Throughout my journey within the justice system, the crown repeatedly attempted to remove or rescind my bail for no apparent reason on several occasions. Eventually, left with no other alternative I was charged falsely with 2 counts of took 10 months for those to be dealt with and the trial was even pushed back a month to attempt and witnesses will state ( those that ran my court appointed residence) " we need something on this guy, won't you help us"After the directors refusal to collaborate against me, they simply dropped the charges.

12) throughout all my time on bail I did so faithfully, This bothered them and finally as I was about to secure my own ( paid for) lawyer. S.W.A.T shows up at my residence kicking in my door under the guise that My new spouse was a victim of assault. Not only do they all admit under oath that she told them that she was not assaulted, but they observed no signs of assault either that day or in the past. In the meantime I was placed back in jail, awaited bail for months. I was granted 500.00 bail to which was paid for by my now wife. I was placed under 24 hour house arrest and kept separate from my wife as I was charged with assaulting her until after my trial for being falsely accused of rape, where I was acquitted. My spouse hired a lawyer and fought the no contact order, won and we have lived together in seclusion in Calgary ever since without any further contact from police.
The trial I now face is residual effects of police harassment in fact I have reports where I complained to police but they did nothing and would not investigate. I thought it was my accusers family attempting to kick down my door that day. Threats of death, physical violence, name calling while not announcing themselves as police until the end. I called 911 on the police, thinking it was someone else and I have the tapes yet they refuse to play them for the judge. There is more on this at with photo's. In early November at a hearing to have the charges judicially stayed not only was it denied but it was confirmed that the trial would take place and it had to be concluded in the allotted 3 days. It has already run 4 and is now remanded for over 3 months with the judge telling myself that I need not attend the rest of the trial! Sound odd to you?
Additionally of note is this. The judge in my case is judge R, Bodnarek who was in fact the deputy minister of justice for the solicitor general of Alberta and had this post when I was being maliciously prosecuted and was in charge of the over-site of mine and many other cases. What are the odds? And yet there is so much more.

13) The mother of Angel ( the one to falsely accuse myself and start all of this) has disowned her daughter and did it in an open display when at lunch in Edmonton courts during trial walked away and from the courthouse. It was the same time that Angel had approached Mrs Joyce the crown and I believe attempt to confess to her in the cafeteria.Mrs Joyce even tells the judge about the encounter, Less than an hour later Angel forcefully demanded to be heard and confessed. 

14) witnesses will tell about how Constable Folk suggested or rather offered to Angels mother that while the trial was in waiting that Angel could come live with him as her mother found her to be much too difficult to deal with. The offer was refused but Angel does testify how "constable folk would come by and offer hugs" While this is going on we have proof that he was even on her facebook account as a friend! I also have verifiable copies from one of the two people angel accused after me and then recanted by letter, even refusing to go to court ( she was questioned about this and other false rape allegations at my preliminary hearing) They state that not only did "she falsely accuse her step father but her UNCLE is a cop" I am unaware of any uncle of hers being a cop. Accept Folks involvement with her, that's about the closest I can get. He is definitely not her Uncle and he has crossed ethical lines on numerous occasions.

15). Is it just coincidence that under Angels Facebook account as stated that she lives in Fort Chipewyan, yet has no family there? While constable Folk before the trial was transferred there? Why was he transferred? By the way this isn't the first, second or third time Folk has been accused of wrong doing. His transfer was not based on expertise or upgrade in rank. Is it just co incidence that my attorney Tim Stonhouse was accused by myself and another attorney of "conspiring to convict" as made to the law association complaint filed by myself, later dismissed and disregarded and yet in order for it to go away, while still being my attorney "he retires!" this too is a matter of court record, I have the transcripts. So he retires until my case is done and then he comes out of retirement!? NOT indicative of proof of illegal ethics but very odd wouldn't you say?
Is it just coincidence that my trial lawyer was let go from Peter Royals office within months of the completion of my trial, where I too filed a complaint against her and the same officer in the law society that dealt with Tim Stonehouses complaint , dealt and underscored that as well? While I have the e mails forcing me to either accept the plead deal for what I am now accused off, her email, I refused, she quit.
Is it just co incidence that the R.C.M.P forensic evidence constable was transferred as well to another out post not for reasons like upgrade in rank or experience. Is it coincidence that on paper transcripts it states only 5 questions asked by my attorney, yet that is not what I recollect, thus another reason why I requested the audio transcript version. I remember him stating when asked "as forensic investigator, did you take a lot of photographs?" He states "yes" and they discussed how many. She asked " was that evidence ever turned over to the crown?" he said "NO'. She asked "what happened to that evidence"? he states "we destroyed it"
She asks " did you take articles of clothing", he responds "yes, quite a bit". She states was that evidence ever turned over to the crown". He states "no, we destroyed that too". She asked about the DNA samples and if that was ever turned over to the crown and he states "we destroyed all the evidence".
Finally, Is it just co incidence that articles are coming out accusing the crowns office of the same thing, the attitude "“The ultimate goal of a Crown prosecutor is to see that the accused is convicted of any charges that are brought against him,” Alberta Justice deputy minister Tim Grant wrote in a July 22, 2014 memo signed on his behalf by deputy attorney general Kim Armstrong. “This, undoubtedly, is not the outcome the accused is hoping for.” while "“I find that is just a stunningly wrong statement, particularly being a statement made by the deputy minister of justice,” Moreau said, adding later that, “if Crown prosecutors took this as their stated goal, it would certainly not lead to fair and just trials.“It could lead to miscarriages of justice on a broad scale,”And now ironically, the deputy minister of justice that over sought the crown is now the presiding judge in the current case against myself that was filed on June 19,2013 while he was still said deputy minister of justice and not appointed judge until August 6, 2013?. How can so many co incidence possibly be? The R.C.M.P has done hose cleaning, The original crown distanced himself from the case, passing it along to someone I heard say, "this just landed on my desk last night", I need not state the rest of the obvious. Yet, My case has reached all too new weirds or firsts wouldn't you say.
I forgot about Kimberly Armstrong. The person who now is the Deputy minister of justice and for 5 years was the head of the L.E.R.B and subject of the following article And It is now STF SGT Carter that is the one who openly admits under oath to threatening to kill me and I recorded him via my phone by calling 911 and putting the phone to the door, thus they won't play the tapes and the copies we have are so heavily altered you'd have to be a moron not to get it.
I realize that I am making allot of allegations here, I'm not nuts this did happen to me and it needs someone who cares about actual justice to look at it. As previously stated, yet there is sooo much more.