Thursday, 16 July 2015

This guy is like a virus only worse to get rid of..... (blog 124)

This guy is like a virus ,only worse to get rid of. He has now been caught ASSAULTING and ASSAULTING WITH A WEAPON! 3 times now on VIDEO!. So now they feel it's time to place him on "Administrative Duties"after a 4th? WTF?
This is just down the road from myself and yet another example of how certain officers feel that they are above the law and in fact break the law often, with little to no regard of civilians rights, freedoms and actually go to the point of extreme violence.
Where are the lawyers? Why is he only on "administrative leave"? Fuck its on video! Once again just a small piece of proof as to what I alleged happened several time back starting 2011. This represents just one of literally dozens of dozens of reports that made mainstream media since.....only to go away in time.