Wednesday, 8 July 2015

2:00 am, 5 Squad cars from the RCMP show up.( blog 123)

a video for you:
After more than a little trouble with my wife the other day, a police officer asked if I would be the bigger person and diffuse the situation, go somewhere else till shit cooled off. I obliged and did so.
When I had taken the advice from all those around me and ignored her she in turn called me in missing. Tracked by my cell phone they attended the residence of where I was sound asleep , had to get up for work two hours later.
I was in a bit of mental distress but through talk and hard work, it came around. They were perfect gentleman besides demanding to see me and scaring the shit out of everyone. Yet they were just doing their job. Huge waste of resources and time but they just had to see if I was okay.
 The next day I heard this song and after 4 plus years I finally laughed my ass off while mentally applying it to what had actually occurred the night before and over the last 4 plus years.
Listen to it as it just might make your day, I know it made mine and several others after that.