Sunday, 5 November 2017

It's been a while now.

I stepped away from the blog for awhile ever since I left the Hospital, besides the couple updates I added while just getting out. I did it for a reason and that reason is because by going over the Blog, I could see some underlying negativity about it all. Sure what was said and done needed to be said and documented for I was in a fight of my life but the Blog in whole was just negative for me and as things started to mellow out as having been diagnosed with severe, complex and comorbid P.T.S.D, the blog itself was a perpetual trap of reliving that which I went through and thus very counter productive.

Instead, I wanted to put my Blog away for a while until I could have something good to report. That somehow, someway I had managed to salvage some dignity and indeed my very formar life. I believe it's been nearly two years and unfortunate as it is things haven't changed much. I receive a small amount of money from the government each month, barely enough to survive. I awaited nearly 2 years to get a doctor to help me with the P.T.S.D and basically I overcame my fear of leaving the house to going to the gym daily for at least an hour workout.

Tired of waiting for a forensic psychologist to aid with the P.T.S.D  and struggling on my monthly federal subsistence cheque , I decided to go back to work or at least make plans to do so as there was much to do to prepare for that as well such as renewing my oilfield tickets and purchasing my oilfield gear and that in itself was a good few thousand dollars between the tickets and the gear. I put together my resume and sent it off to a few companies of note.
At first I tried the oil company I was with and was told that unless "they are extremely busy, I am not up for rehire because I quit without notice" Hard to explain to a company that while on spring breakup I was falsely accused and incarcerated for a lengthy time for something that I didn't and evidentiary could not have physically done, thus my accusers confession at trial. Apparently I should have called my handlers and told them the whole sorry sordid affair I was being dragged through....... like that would have helped right? Anyways the Hell with them.

While I await on more companies responses I had decided to make formal complaint against the Royal Canadian Mounted Police about the roles they played and that by their sheer lack of enthusiasm for the law they were sworn to uphold, they had trashed my life. They sent out an investigator and he sneakingly got me to sign some papers that the complaint would be dealt with in an informal matter. After nearly , well it is a year. I got one phone call that all the officers except one has signed off on the informal solution of more training. By doing so ,in my mind they admit fault , admit they trashed a guy's life and admit that they were incapable of properly doing their job. But here's the catch. They will give me nothing on paper period and will only tell me on the telephone the results. (my guess is that they don't want me exposing it up on this Blog like I've done everything else)

The last hold out a certain Corporal Dozios is a hold out and they can't tell me whether he is sick ,injured or on days off but just that he hasn't signed off on it. Not surprising to me after all I have seen first hand his handy work at law enforcement and his attitude towards certain procedures. I f he had it his way " I should just shoot you in the fucking head now"  as told to me that day they arrested me. However this isn't surprising to me because since he committed perjury in court and lied under oath, this is a man capable of anything, badge or not. So in the end I await some more.

In the meantime both my forensic psychologist and forensic psychiatrist both agreed that should I return to work this winter that they will work around my schedule to help me get the help I need  to deal with the P.T.S.D , so that is good news. In the meantime I'm hoping and praying to get picked up by an oil company this winter as I have so very much to do and things to prepare for like retirement and owning my own home. Built like a teenager physically now and with 25 years still left for work in my back I do hope to start to make some positive forward steps in my goals.

So yeah, like watching paint dry , I cannot believe its been 2 years, can't with the same breath say that I am impressed and wished that I had something better to say. To end this I will say that a public enquiry might be in order for the cops as well as a lawsuit, while that paint is drying I hope to be working, making forward progress like any other adjusted person.


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