Saturday, 28 July 2018

stonewalling r.c.m.p......

In my case alone it has been over a year and a half since I made complaint about what they did to me and in an answer from the oversight committee I have been told that they have no timeline in which to resolve the issue of complaint, nor do they have to keep me informed of the process , only that the process continues month to month, bettering on close to 3 years!

My complaint is simple:
1). How can a man rape a person when that very day I was diagnosed with a herniated disk, the L5 /S1 and that I wasn't able to pick up more then 20 lbs from waist height, in FACT the arresting officers had to remove my full back harness before cuffing me.
This is a contentious issue because that very day just hours after going to the doctor I was accused by a habitual accuser that I was throwing her around and fully picked her up off the floor and put her on the bed, her weight being close to 100 lbs.

2). My accuser told the R.C.M.P that I had "ground his fist in my head and squeezed my face really hard and he even choked me ". Now the problem with that is there never was even any form of bruising, scratching or even injury worthy of a picture from the forensic didn't happen.

3). My accuser states "he digitally penetrated me and sucked on my breasts" We now have proof from the rape kit that no one sucked on her breasts and no one digitally penetrated her, the rape kit done within the hour of police response and even my own DNA taken within the hour.
Yet the police acted in an act of fraud and delayed the DNA results for over 9 months and even withheld the preliminary results of some of the DNA from the courts in a bid to block my getting bail. After a judge demanded that they produce the DNA results and get the rest tested, by the 9 month they produced all results and even though it was a disqualifying factor that I had committed a crime they still pursued me to trial.

4). my accuser states " he ripped off all of my clothing, undoing my bra and unbuckling my belt and pulling down my zipper" all of which are steel and acceptable to finger prints, yet not even as much as a partial fingerprint was found on any of the items and yet the most ridiculous part is in her formal statement she claims that she was wearing something else entirely.

5). My accuser  claims "it rained so hard that day on my way home that I had to exchange clothing because I was soaked through and through" Despite these officers working all that day and knowing that it did not rain, we introduced the national weather data report for the entire month of the accusation and it clearly states that it did not rain that day or the week before or after but only 4mm of precipitation towards the end of the month. Under oath my accuser states "well maybe it was another day"

6). My accuser states that I had a gun as does police and yet they claimed that they could not tell that it was a bb gun with a bright orange tip but went as far as to defraud me of bail to reporting to the justice of the peace whom issues or denies bail that " In all my 15 years as a police officer I could not tell it was a fake gun found in the house", thus furthering the need to deny bail.

7). corporal Doizios why acting as the crown in that bail hearing states that " he admitted to murdering someone some years previously " Further ensuring that my bail would be blocked with suggestions of there being a murder investigation. An utter act of fraud and abuse of powers.

8). I was kept in handcuffs for what felt like 2 days, further injuring my back and always with a promise that if "you confess, we will take off the cuffs".

9). I was held for 4 days illegally without being able to obtain legal counsel, all the while the endless interrogations.

10). Corporal Doizios  placed his fingers against my forehead once I was cuffed and stated " I should just shoot you in the head now!"

11). None of the officers checked my alibi that I was at my neighbor's house at the time in question stating " they checked it out and no one lives there" this is utterly false. yes they were renovating but I assure you a whole big family lived there and witnessed me there.

12). A judge in good standings finds that "all of the statements from police will not be admissible for one reason or another" all they could say was they arrested me. Thus finding them to be liars.

All in all they block this complaint. Investigating themselves from within. In a court of law a judge ruled "on several occasions the officers violated his charter rights egregiously" .He goes on to comment that the officers were ill prepared , their notebooks didn't match original disclosure, no one knows who arrested me, just that I was arrested. They admit to destroying ALL of their evidence before trial, while not admitting who told them they could do that. Including any video or audio aids from the detachments surveillance systems.
I could say more but I won't for now but sum it up with this statement.
Since that day back in May 2011, my life has been ruined. My career gone , my home and vehicle , gone. My pets and community all gone and the years since have been torturous. 4 Forensic psychologists have deemed me to have severe and comorbid P.T.S.D and severely depressed, a separate entity of the government has deemed me to be disabled, unable to work and gives me a monthly allowance for disability.
So whereas one form of the government aids me for the wrong done and in essence admitting to it, the others who started it deny me any closure. This right under the nose of our Canadian flag, guaranteed constitutional rights. This could literally happen to anyone. Hope it's not you. Remember, she confessed and they did nothing to her.