Friday, 17 October 2014

THE 'VOIR DIRE' HEARING: Whereas I am no attorney by any means, its not rocket science to figure out something is amiss. (blog 79)

I am not an attorney but common sense would say that there was a failure during this 'Voir Dire hearing'. Minimal time was spent exploring just how deep the cops were 'not credible', nonetheless the judge did rule them 'not credible' but like I said I don't think he went far enough. From the transcripts itself.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

First National wrongfull convictions day. (blog 78)

I attended this press conference today. I seen a man with resolve that most people would and could never comprehend. Convicted at the age of 16 for a crime he did not commit, sentenced to life he grew up into a man behind bars. Freed after 22 plus years after having been abandoned by his own government. I can relate but can never imagine what 22 plus years would be like. My respect David after all you have been through and for having courage and fortitude to help others like myself and as always, endless thanks to your ever loving mother who did the time along side of you and never gave up.