Friday, 21 March 2014

For those that say the guards do not torture. (blog 50)

This unit is on the fifth floor, one of two "special treatment units" that had existed. Watch the video, the guard dressed in black starts to walk towards Vader, See's what is going to happen and then retreats to Vader's" cell and then closes himself inside. The next you see is Vader walk into the camera and then his feet go flying out, ending with a guard on top of him and drags him (with the help of a few others) out of the view of the video camera....receiving one of his many beatings over the years. Yet there are nay Sayers that say "this doesn't happen" Keep telling yourself that bud!, hope you don't have to endure. Additionally, as of Wednesday march 19,2014 Travis Vader 's charges have been stayed. Yet the crown won't say why ,other then there is new information and yet he is still in jail. More trumped up charges to hold him just like the ones they trumped up for two years to hold him before ever even charging him with murder. Real corrupt system we have here. Without further delay, ladies and gentlemen the savage beating by a jail guards at the Edmonton remand centre on Travis Vader. Why the video? because "it doesn't happen"

And this is the video of his release after 4 years